Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

Proving that bruised egos and ruffled feathers are no match for a headline making contraversy, Ricky Gervais returned to the the Golden Globes stage last night.

Popular opinon on the evening's humour seems to be that Ricky took the easy way out this year and played it safe. I suppose he did cast his net a little wider and skewer celebrities who weren't actually guzzling booze right in font of him. He brought up Justin Beiber's baby-daddy troubles, and observed that "The Golden Globes are to the Oscars as Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton". He didn`t scoff at any of the nominated films. Although to be fair, the list didn`t include laughable films like Burlesque this year. But Ricky still took pot shots at NBC, referenced Jodie Foster`s `beaver`and played with Helen Mirren`s upper class image. I think the difference was that this year the celebrities were playing along! There were almost no stony faced reaction shots or uncomfortable silences. Perhaps they were all determined to be better sports or maybe they just knew what to expect this time.

Unlike last year`s intro atomsphere of tension and thinly veiled hostility, there was a nice interplay between Ricky and the presenters. Johnny Depp played along when Ricky interrupted him and forced him to admit even he`d never seen The Tourist (his nominated film that Ricky lambasted last year). When he introduced Madonna as being `like a Virgin`*cough, cough*, she responded by inviting him to do something about it because she hadn`t kissed a girl in a few years.

Maybe it wasn`t as nasty as last year, but is that really a bad thing? Cutting humour is fine in a stand-up show, but there`s nothing worse than an awards show where the audience isn`t laughing along with the host.

Winner & Losers:

-When I read the list of film nominees a month ago I realized with some dismay that I'd seen a total one film nominated for anything. Yes, you read that correctly - ONE! I got off my ass to see Bridesmaids, but nothing else. It was an epic movie fail for me so I'm hardly qualified to judge how worthy the winners were.

- I was, however, very impressed with the 30 second montage of Michelle Williams' performance as Maryilyn Monroe, so good for her!!!

- Apparently Homeland is one of those shows I have to begrudginly watch even though I have no interest in it becaues everyone else loves it and I don't like being left out. If only there were some way to put a bag over Claire Danes' head...

- I've officially reached the end of my tolerance level for how many awards Modern Family can win (while superior comedies like Community and Parks & Rec languish on the sidelines) before my resentment interferes with my enjoyment of the show

- Peter Dinklage proved that marching to the podium with the Game of Thrones music playing makes winning WAY more epic. Everyone should try it.

-Fashion Winners Include: Nicole Richie with her silver stunner and slick ponytail, Sofia Vergara who was smoldering all over the damn place and Emma Sone whose Eagle belt amped up her already high cool factor.

-Fashion Losers Include: Sarah Michelle Gellar who let her two year old daughter dress her in a splotchy paint canvass, Angelina Jolie who looked living the living embodiment of the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time (although I'd blame that as much on her sour expression and aloof attitude),  Juliana Margules who covered up all her assets in shiny purple wrapping paper, and Jessica Biel whose matronly wedding dress gave her a third boob.

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