Friday, September 30, 2011

Nikita: Game Change

Fridays at 8pm on The CW

 I'm recapping Nikita for The this season. My recap of last Friday's season 2 premiere is up now and my thoughts on this week's episode will be up soon! Overall I thought it was a fantastic premiere, which set up juicy new dynamics and intriguing potential plotlines 

Head over to the The Televixen to check out the full recap! 

Ratings: Nikita spent last year on Thursday nights at 9pm, following The Vampire Diaries, but this year moves to the Friday at 8pm. The premiere garnered 1.88 million viewers, which is down from where it was at the end of last season. But Supernatural, which followed Nikita, only managed to get 1.95 million viewers as well. So although it's a drop, it's not glaringly out of place with it's other CW companions. We'll have to wait and see what happens b/c this has really not been a good start to the season for The CW in general.

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